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Examination (2016): B. Com.

                                                                           Roll No. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Subject:- Economics of Pakistan                               TIME ALLOWED: 3 hrs.
Paper:- BC- 407                                                                     MAX. MARKS: 100

Attempt any FIVE questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

Q. 1:    How Economic Development can be measured? Discuss briefly the Problems being faced in this regard in the Under Developed countries like Pakistan.  

Q. 2:    What are the Economic, Social and Political Obstacles in the Economic Development of Pakistan?

Q. 3:    Technology plays a vital role in economic development of a country. Discuss with reference to Pakistan.

Q.4:     “Pakistan is an Agrarian Economy.” Still its Yield per Acre is low. Do you agree with the Statement? Please elaborate.

Q.5:     What are the Causes of Industrial Backwardness in Pakistan? How can Government remove these problems?
Q. 6:    What are the causes of Adverse Balance of Payment in Pakistan? Suggest measures adopted by the Government to increase exports.

Q. 7:    Briefly Discuss the Difficulties Faced by Pakistan Railways and their Remedies.
Q. 8:    Write Short notes on any four:

            i. External Debts
            ii. Role of Human Capital Formation
            iii. Agricultural Finance
            iv. Kalabagh Dam to remove Energy Crisis
            v. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
            vi. Privatization for economic development

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  1. Please sir btaye ga mujy buht tansion ha is subject ki plz reply sir



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