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PART – I         A/12

Examination: - B. Com.

                                                                                                Roll No. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Subject:  Economics                                                            TIME ALLOWED: 3 hrs.
PAPER:  BC-303                                                                   MAX. MARKS: 100

Attempt any FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks.

 Q. 1.   Which definition of economics do you prefer most and why?

Q. 2.    Explain and illustrate “Law of Equi-Marginal Utility”?

Q. 3.    What is meant by market price? How is it determined? Explain it?

Q. 4.    Explain and illustrate the short period equilibrium of a firm under perfect competition.

Q. 5.    What is circular flow of National Income? Explain with the help of diagram?

Q. 6.    Explain the principles (cannons) of taxation?

Q. 7.    What is Zakat? Explain the advantages of Zakat?

Q. 8.    Given TR = 12Q – Q2
Find:    i. AR function                         
ii. MR function
iii. Slope of AR function         
iv. Slope of MR function

Q. 9.    Give short answers of the following:
(i) Production of Wealth                                  (ii) Elasticity of demand
(iii) Indifference Curve                                                (iv) Fixed Costs
(v) Variable Costs                                           (vi) Industry
(vii) Monopoly                                                 (viii) Interest
(ix) Proportional Tax                                       (x) Parameter

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