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PART – II          A/2012
Examination:- B. Com.
                                                                           Roll No. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Subject:- Economics of Pakistan                                  TIME ALLOWED: 3 hrs.
Paper:- BC- 407                                                                        MAX. MARKS: 100

Attempt any FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q. 1:     Explain the salient features of developing countries like Pakistan.
Q. 2:   Discuss economic and non economic factors reducing the pace of economic development of Pakistan.
Q. 3:    Analysis the causes of low productivity of agriculture in Pakistan.
Q.4:    Discuss the importance industrial sector in economic development of Pakistan.
Q.5:     What steps have been taken by Govt. of Pakistan to increase the exports?
Q. 6:    What are the causes of adverse balance of payment in Pakistan? How it can be corrected?
 Q. 7: Discuss the difficulties faced by Pakistan Railways and suggest effective measures.
 Q. 8:    Define the following:
i. Per Capita Income                            ii. NEPRA
iii. Budget Surplus                               iv. Cottage Industry
v. SAMEDA                                           vi. Disguised Unemployment
vii. GATT                                              viii. Capital Formation
ix. Land Tenure System                   x. Monetary Policy

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