Posted by : Ahsan Khan Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Business Economics

For MBA Semester III, Federal Urdu University. Pakistan

Course Outline
·         Nature and Micro and Macro Economics
·         Price Theory.
·         Theory of firm.
·         Perfect competition.
·         Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition.
·         Theory of national income and Employment.
·         Multiplier.
·         Principles of Acceleration.
·         Trade Cycle.
·         Fiscal and Monetary Policies. 

Recommended Books

o        Managerial Economics & Business Strategy by Ahsan Khan (2013-14)
o        Economics Problems Policies by McConnell Brue. Prentice Hall Inc. 2005
o        Economics Principles and Policies by William J Baumol and Alab S.
o        Blinder McGraw Hill Inc 2002.

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